About us

Hollandmuseums.nl is an informative site about various art and culture movements in the Netherlands. For example, we immerse ourselves in well-known Dutch celebrities and different types of museums in the Netherlands.

To inform you as a resident of the country about all the special museums, but also other cultural places that you really must visit, highlights of different cities are highlighted. Per city you will learn more about the city itself, its historical content and special museums and places that can be found in the area.

On our website you can read more about the most visited museums in the country, so that you know which one you should definitely visit as a tourist in your own country.

For adults

The Netherlands has a large number of visual art and cultural history museums that are also frequently visited by tourists. These museums are excellent for adults who want to learn more about the art history of the Netherlands and various Dutch artists. Broaden your general knowledge by visiting a museum in our top 10 museums.

For youth

Young people are also an important target group when it comes to Dutch museums. Museums aimed at children often have an educational form in the themes of technical, archeology and natural history. Unlike other museums, this is often an interactive visit where children must actively participate in experiments in order to find out about the subject. We offer a selection of children's museums especially for children that are fun for both young and old.