New Land Polder Museum

Nieuw Land Poldermuseum in Lelystad tells the story of the struggle of the Dutch people against water. How they fought the sea, built dikes, dried new land and learned to live with water.

The special museum building, which marks the boundary between land and water, houses an exhibition of unique objects, old maps and documents, historical film and sound clips, working models and interactive computer programs.


For children there is the project "Playing with water". A water model of ten meters long gives children plenty of opportunity to experiment with water: build dams and groynes, or sail a ship through a lock. They can construct dikes, drain a polder, regulate the water level in the IJsselmeer, experiment with water management in the interactive computer game or study micro life in ditch water. Children visiting the museum are free to participate in the thrilling treasure hint (three age brackets). Another children's special is the audio tour with a fun game to enjoy.


Historical documentaries about the land reclamation works in the former Zuiderzee can be seen in the auditorium on request. Free translations of the exhibition tour are available for foreign visitors in English, German, French, Japanese and Chinese. Audio tours can be rented for an odor consideration in the Dutch, English and German language.

Nieuw Land Poldermuseum offers special arrangements for groups. The expert guides take groups of up to 25 people for a tour of the museum. Ask for details at our information desk.

The museum restaurant, serving coffee, tea, lunches, etc., is open to the public. Complete dinners and hot and cold buffets are served by appointment.

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