Rijksmuseum - Muiderslot

Muiderslot Castle is located in the province of Noord-Holland, this castle is designed as a Rijksmuseum and attracts thousands of visitors every year. The museum owes its fame to one of the residents, namely P.C. Hooft, this poet and writer lived in the castle during the seventeenth century, also known as the golden age.

Muiderslot castle was built in 1285 AD by order of Count Floris V. Nowadays you can visit the castle daily. On Monday to Friday, Rijksmuseum Muiderslot is open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. On weekends and public holidays you can enter the castle from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM. An adult person pays € 12.00 at the entrance, children between four and eleven years pay € 7.00.

The history of the museum

The Rijksmuseum Muiderslot is a medieval castle that can be counted among the best preserved castles in the Netherlands. A characteristic feature are the 48 loopholes that the castle has. The control of the area around the castle was particularly good thanks to these loopholes. Every suspicious movement was momentarily noticed and closely monitored.

The first occupant and inventor of the castle was Count Floris V in 1285, who had the building built after taking possession of the area around Muiden. However, in 1296 he was kidnapped by his own nobles and imprisoned in the castle. The stay in the dungeons of the castle did not exceed four days, as Count Floris V escaped with the help of his loved ones. In the end, he was killed shortly after the escape during an encounter on the Muiderberg.

The most famous resident of the castle is P.C. Hooft who entered the castle in 1609. P.C. Hooft was the son of the then mayor of Amsterdam and was used to many contacts in his vicinity. However, life at Muiderslot Castle was lonely, for 38 years he produced many letters, poems, sonnets and plays and he also immersed himself in history and state science.

Over the years, P.C. Hooft married to Heleonora Hellemans, this was his second wife. She has changed the previously lonely life of P.C. Hooft. A large number of literary friends visited the castle at the time, which led to the foundation of the Muiderkring in the nineteenth century. This circle was only imaginary and consisted of scholars, artists and literati.

Routes in the Muiderslot

You can follow three routes in the Rijksmuseum Muiderslot, namely the Knight Route, the Tower Route and the Guide Route. All three routes have their specific properties. We explain each route separately below.

The Knight's Route

The Knight's Route is aimed at living and living in a castle in the Middle Ages. During the route you will learn more about Count Floris V, such as through the Floris room. You can reach this room by climbing to the ridge in the Westertoren, which is 83 steps high. From the Westertoren you have an idyllic view over the IJmeer and over the city of Amsterdam and the island of Pampus.

In the Kemenade, the slightly younger visitors can dress up as a maiden or squire, so that a photo can be taken for the photo album. They can also stand behind a fifteenth-century costume to make them look like real knights. In the weapons room you can find armor, halberds and other weapons, such as swords. You can also admire how chain mail is made or how heavy a sword weighs. You may also be able to take part in the thrilling tournament game or be knighted in the hunting room.

The Tower Route

A second route is the Tower Route which is totally focused on the defense and enemies of the castle. The Tower Route consists of several activities, these activities you will encounter step by step during the route. The first activity is in the Slotkapel, where a film of the Muiderslot is shown. After watching the film, you can visit the office of the already mentioned P.C. Hooft.

The third activity is the Mezekauw game, or throwing stones through the opening above the bridge at the approaching enemy. All the knowledge and skills gained during the Tower Route can be useful in the final activity. The Battle for the Slot game revolves around knowledge and skills and is the final and most exciting activity of the route.

The Guide Route

With the other routes you are not tied to a guide, unlike the Guide Route. The guide shows you the castle from the eyes of P.C. Hooft, the most famous resident of Muiderslot Castle in the past. On the route you will pass the Bishops 'Room, the Castle Kitchen and the Ridderzaal and you end in the Princes' Room.

The Guide Route takes 30 minutes in total, during which time the guide tells about the culture, customs and customs in the seventeenth century. You will hear various sayings and proverbs from the golden age. Incidentally, the Guide Route is suitable for people from the age of six. This route is included with the entrance fee.

Other activities

In addition to the various routes, you can also do other activities in the museum. A summary of these activities is given below, including a brief explanation.

  • Bastion and Falconer
    Information and stories about falcon hunting, sometimes a falconer is also present with real falcons. This is usually in the summer season.
  • Museum shop
    In the shop, items related to Muiderslot Castle, such as knight suits or crockery, can be purchased.
  • Tavern
    The tavern can serve as a terrace where you can enjoy a sandwich or a drink.
  • Gardens
    The gardens are located at the castle and are not only very graceful, but also suitable for growing crops. The gardens can be seen as an additional route.
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