The Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision - Hilversum

The Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision is located in the mediapark in Hilversum, this museum is one of the younger museums in the Netherlands. The museum is very comprehensive and can be divided into five categories, two of which we will highlight very emphatically. The Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision consists of the following categories:

  • Sound and Vision Archives
  • Sound and Vision Education
  • Sound and Vision Experience
  • Sound and Vision Institute
  • Sound and Vision Webshop

We will further explain the categories education and experience in our story. The Sound and Vision Institute category can be regarded as the organization of the whole, it contains the persons who, for example, compiled the Sound and Vision Archives. The total archive consists of 700,000 film, music, radio and television fragments, some of which images and sounds can be lent to professionals or private users. You can also purchase CDs and LPs via the Sound and Vision Webshop.

Sound and Vision Education and Experience

You can go to Sound and Vision Education and Sound and Vision Experience from Tuesday to Sunday. The museum is open from 10:00 am and closes its doors at 5:30 pm, the average visit time is four to five hours. Sound and Vision Experience does not differ much from Sound and Vision Education in terms of content, because the activities are the same, only in Education the focus is more on guided tours and workshops.

The museum has the so-called 'Experience tour', this tour consists of twelve attractions, each of which has its own pavilion and together form the core of the museum. Exhibitions are also sometimes held, but these are not of a permanent nature.

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