Art and culture

Throughout the country you can find old and recent prints of art and culture in the Netherlands. Art and culture are two broad concepts that bring many factors together. To give a clear picture, we zoom in on these two concepts.

Culture refers to what is produced and transferred within a society. This concerns both material things and immaterial things made by man.

Art is seen as part of culture and is a product of human creative expression. Art here is culture and time bound and can therefore differ for different cultures.

As a small country, the Netherlands has managed to put itself on the map in other countries thanks to classical artists and memorable events in the past. Thanks to people such as Vincent van Gogh, Anne Frank and many other celebrities, tourists flock to our country to see and experience these objects and places in real life. All these moments, events and memories have left a lasting mark on the Netherlands that is now being incorporated into the culture and art of the country. In addition, new initiatives such as a science museum are also part of the culture of the country.

Museums in the Netherlands

In total there are about 1,100 museums in the Netherlands. A distinction can be made between all the different museums in the Netherlands on the basis of their themes. For example, there are 7 different museum themes in the Netherlands:

  • Archeology / History
  • Cultural history
  • Visual arts
  • Natural History
  • Transport / technical
  • Maritime / shipping
  • Ethnology

Art and culture for young people

An important target group are the young people among us. At a young age they absorb a lot and it is always good to teach them more about art, history or other scientific facts. There are several museums in the Netherlands that have a special educational theme for children. Read more about visiting museums with children and which museums are excellent for a visit with children in our subpage.

Although most museums in the Netherlands have the theme of archeology / history, the visual art museums are the most visited. Many tourists also come to the rich art history of the Netherlands.


Harbor Museum - Rotterdam
29-10-2020 The Harbor Museum in Rotterdam can be described as a working museum. A visit to this museum is quite an experience for both young and old. The extensive collection of the Port Museum gives a picture of the port of Rotterdam, as it was between 1850 and 1970. The museum revives earlier times with Lees meer
New Land Polder Museum
20-10-2020 Nieuw Land Poldermuseum in Lelystad tells the story of the struggle of the Dutch people against water. How they fought the sea, built dikes, dried new land and learned to live with water. The special museum building, which marks the boundary between land and water, houses an exhibition of uni Lees meer
The Resistance Museum South-Holland
11-10-2020 The Resistance Museum Zuid-Holland is a museum about the resistance and human rights violations in World War II and today. A topical theme, resistance is after all "action against injustice and indifference." It is a museum in which you look from your own point of view. They mainl Lees meer
Rijksmuseum Muiderslot
12-09-2020 Muiderslot Castle is located in the province of Noord-Holland, this castle is designed as a Rijksmuseum and attracts thousands of visitors every year. The museum owes its fame to one of the residents, namely P.C. Hooft, this poet and writer lived in the castle during the seventeenth century, als Lees meer
The Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision - Hilversum
22-08-2020 The Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision is located in the mediapark in Hilversum, this museum is one of the younger museums in the Netherlands. The museum is very comprehensive and can be divided into five categories, two of which we will highlight very emphatically. The Dutch Institute for Sou Lees meer
Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
20-08-2020 The collections and exhibitions of the Rijksmuseum are characterized by great names from art history, such as Frans Hals, Rembrandt van Rijn, Jan Steen and Johannes Vermeer. You can visit the Rijksmuseum between 09:00 in the morning and 18:00 in the afternoon. The history The Rijksmuseum i Lees meer