Children's museums

Visiting a museum is not just for filling the day. Visitors learn a lot by looking at art, reading history, but also by doing and discovering. For example, there are plenty of museums in the Netherlands that focus specifically on the education of young children. These museums often have a learning aspect combined with the pleasure of doing and touching things yourself, something that is not covered in a national museum, for example.

To give an idea of ​​Dutch children's museums, we have made a small selection of our favorites. A fun and educational trip with the kids!

NEMO science museum

This museum is in the top 10 most visited museums in the Netherlands and certainly also belongs to the list of best children's museums. In this museum, children are given the freedom to touch things, experiment, try out and much more. The exhibits and activities are themed around physics, biology, chemistry and behavioral sciences. The museum is not only educational for young people, but also older people can learn a thing or two here.

Discovery Center Continium

This provincial museum in Kerkrade is devoted to developments in the past, present and future of science and technology. Visitors to this museum can discover and try science and technology for themselves. The museum consists of various themes, including the old coal mine and earthenware, but also themes focused on the future, such as nanotechnology and sustainability. In the science center, visitors can get started with experiments themselves. The Continium is part of three adjacent museums, including the Cube design and the Columbus museum.

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

This museum, located in Leiden, is a research institute and natural history museum. It is a meeting of the Zoological Museum Amsterdam, the National Herbarium Netherlands and the Natural History Museum Naturalis. The museum contains the largest collection of natural history works with no fewer than 42 million objects, making it one of the top 5 in the world. In the museum you can see many different types of organisms that have lived on earth, including evolution.


The Corpus museum focuses on 'the journey through the human body'. As a visitor you will walk through the human body and you will learn more about the functioning of organs and how the body exactly works. By means of an audio headset you will receive an explanation of where you are exactly and what function this has in your body. After the journey through the body there is also an interactive part where you can learn more about the body by yourself. A very educational attraction for young and old!

Tropical Museum

The Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam is a great introduction for a child to other cultures. From an early age, they learn about other cultures in Dutch overseas territories here. By means of old as well as modern objects, video images and sound fragments, a picture is sketched of traditions and the history of different cultures.

There are many other museums in the Netherlands that are perfect for a day out with children. View the wide range and choose which museum you want to visit soon!