The Resistance Museum Zuid-Holland

The Resistance Museum Zuid-Holland is a museum about the resistance and human rights violations in World War II and today. A topical theme, resistance is after all "action against injustice and indifference." It is a museum in which you look from your own point of view. They mainly focus on (youth) education.

The South Holland Resistance Museum Foundation was established on 18 February 1985. The initiators were a few enthusiastic members of the Gouda 5 May committee. In the years 1993-1994, the board decided to broaden the mission of the museum and to pay attention to fundamental and human rights in the exhibition, in particular to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Emphasis was shifted from the account of the facts and events of World War II to fundamental attention to aspects of resistance to oppression and abuses in general. The renewed objectives followed the then guidelines of the National Committee on 4 and 5 May. Since 1994, exhibitions and projects have been used in accordance with the renewed objectives.

Thanks to public and private funds, the current building on the Turfmarkt could be purchased. Here, on May 3, 1986, the exhibition 'Help from the air' was opened. In October of that year, the South-Holland Resistance Museum officially opened its doors. The building on the Turfmarkt has a special history.

The museum has various (small-scale) permanent exhibitions and also pays attention to current events through temporary exhibitions and lectures.

In addition, the museum has a petit café de Vrijheid and a beautiful courtyard where you can enjoy the peace and quiet and a snack and a drink.

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